Accoat offers af wide range of coatings with a wide scope of properties. Below is a selection of the standard coatings that we offer.

We also offer special coatings and if you have special requirements then please contact our sales department.

Additionally, we also offer the process Zincphosphating that different industries benefit from.

Corrosion protection (primary properties):

» Accocite A thick, thermoplastic coating which provide good corrosion protection in Water, as well as weak acids and alkaline solutions. 

» Accotron A thermoplastic fluoropolymer coating applied to obtain corrosion protection.Wear-resistant, chemical-resistant. New type FDA approved and corrostion protection against highly aggressive fluid

» Accoshield A thermoplastic fluoropolymer surface coatings mainly applied to obtain non-stick and corrosive preventive properties.

» Zincphosphating Zincphosphating gives extra proctetion against corrosion and gives good adhesion

Non-stick and low friction (primary properties):

» Accofal 2G54 Low friction, non-stick, abrasion-resistant, flexible and resistant to most chemicals and solvents up to 250°C

» Accoflon H A durable fluorocarbon coating. Low friction and non-stick qualitities

» Accoflon 1C Excellent non-stick qualitites, it is though, durable and heat-resistant.

» Accoflon 2C A fluorocarbon coating. Excellent low friction, durability and non-stick.

» Accolan G A tough and mouldable flouroplast coating. Excellent slippages properties (non-stick), heat-resistant.

» Accolan LB & S Accolan LB and S are tough, high temperature resistant fluoroplastic coatings with an optimum low friction to wear ration.

» Accolan Silver Heat-resistant, excellent non-stick qualitites, tough, durability. Coated items can be bent after sintering.

» Accolan W98 Heat-resistant, excellent non-stick qualitites, tough, durability. Approved for food applications.

» Accopon GF A thermoplastic fluorocarbon coating mainly Applied to obtain non-stick effect.

» Accopon HBA Commonly used because of its excellent corrosion protection combined with non-stic properties

» Accowear Where special wear-resistance is required Accoat provides customers with the Xylan coatings of Whitford. Accoat is Quality Approved Coater of Whitford

» Xylan® Xylan coatings are used within af vast range of industries. Accoats' customers from the oil and gas industries especially harvest from using these coatings Flow enhancement in downhole production tubulars

Accoat is the only coating applicator in the North Sea region that are able to provide customers with the Chemours™ StreaMax™ coating tecnhology » Chemours™StreaMax™ An internal coating to downhole production tubes that gives flow improvement and flow enhancement

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  • Whitford Approved Coater


  • Chemours LIA

    Accoat is "Licensed Industrial Applicator" for teflon coatings produced by Chemours.




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