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Even back in 1938 when DuPont dicovered Teflon® (PTFE), it was obvious that the invention would make history. Understandably enough, no one realised how widespread the product would become. Today you will findt PTFE and other fluoroplastics utilized in innumerable applications, such as coatings in virtually all branches of industry.

Charateristic features
» Corrosion protective
» Non-stick
» Temperature resistant from -190 ºC to 260 ºC
» Water and oil resistant
» Low friction
» Chemically resistant
» Heat insulating
» Electrically insulating
» Non-combustible
» Nutritrionally applicable

As Total Supplier Accoat Is All Over
You will find us in all industrial products. Inside and outside - in the shape of coatings. The rapid development in the plastics industry and in coating technology, and the steadily growing demands form our suctomers call for unceasing efforts by our R&D department.

Experiments are conducted with new materials to improve coating properties and to develop and test new products and processes in consultation with our customers. We are always pleased to advise our customers on the design of an item or choice of material.

Quality Assurance
Our quality control of raw materials, production and finsihed products is subject to stnading procedures so as to ensure a uniformly and high quality. At the customer's we can develop a quality control plan.

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    Carsten Jensen

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