About Accoat

Accoat applies and develop coatings to industry products and production facilities. This is valid for workpieces of all size - from large tank installations to tiny needles. The coatings are made of environmentally friendly synthetic materials, primarily PTFE, with properties that enhance the application and lifespan of the workpieces.

Part of the coatings are developed and put to the test in out laboratory, so that the properties and durability are well-documented. To meet the need for wear-resistant coatings, Accoat has expanded the assortment to also include armoured coatings.

The right surface is directly seen on the bottom line
Fluoropolymers have many applications, which benefit not only the environment, but also your wallet. One of the advantages of applying fluoropolymers is for instance to achieve a more cleaning-friendly surface, which again results in the reduction of detergents, water and time - all in all this benefits both the environment and the economy.

Furthermore the fluoropolymers contribute to prolong the lifespan of the coated workpiece, which gives rise to cost savings

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