Accoat is a supplier of advanced surface solutions within the basis areas:

  • Energy
  • Food Technology
  • Medico
  • Clean Tech

Accoat will together with the customers develop new innovative solutions based on latest technological developments.

Accoat work with advanced polymers based on Fluorpolymers, Peek and similar materials.


Accoat wants to build partnerships with our customers by offering:

  • Good technical solutions
  • Delivery on time
  • Deliver the agreed quality every time
  • High capability
  • Choose the solutions that are the most beneficial to the customer
  • Being proactive
  • Being trustworthy

And always make sure:

  • to have short delivery times
  • to have competitive prices
  • to keep the competences in handling and coating of large and heavy items
  • to have knowledge about the latest technology Development within coatings and application methods.




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