Accoat's History

2010 Accoat establishes production in Brazil in Sorocaba which lies 80 km west of São Paulo.
  Accoat becomes food approved facing the food industry in relation to food.
  Accoat celebrates 40th anniversary.
2009 Accoat builds new production facility in Stoholm, Jutland, for the coating of oil pipes to the Oil & Gas industry.
2008 Accoat builds a new big shot blasting machine in the production - one of the largest in Scandinavia. The largest subject may be up to 4.5 meters long or high and 3 meters in diameter.
  Accoat joins the Achilles Joint Qualification System (JQS).
  Accoat establishes zinc phosphating process in the production at Plant Kvistgaard.
2007 The 1st of January Accoat Medical was sold to the sistercompany SP Medical A/S,
2006 The 1st of April Accoat takes over UV-Coating from SP Hardtech.
  The 1st of July the property on Boegeskovvej 5 in Kvistgaard was sold.
  The 31st of December the property on Raadbjergsvej i Jyderup was sold.
2005 Accoat A/S disposes of division Accofluor.
2004 Transfer of Accoat Hardtech to Accoat's sister company Kaiserplast A/S.
  Accoat A/S moves head office to Munkegårdsvej 16 in Kvistgaard.
2002 Accoat A/S winds up all its activities in Accoat Industrilakering.
2000 Merger between Accoat Gruppen A/S and Mee-Dan A/S.
  Renaming of Accoat Gruppen A/S to Accoat A/S.
  Renaming of Mee-dan A/S  to Accoat Medical.
  G.J. Industrilakering renamed to Accoat Industrilakering.
  Accoat A/S acquires Heinrich Overfladeteknik as a new division in Accoat under the name Accoat Hardtech.
1999 Merger between Tinby A/S and Hygæa Farver & Lakker A/S.
  Accoat Gruppen A/S acquires Mee-dan A/S and G.J. Industrilakering.
1997 Accoat A/S, Accofluor A/S and P.J. Holding A/S merge into the Accoat Gruppen A/S.
1996 Tinby A/S acquires P.J. Holding A/S and its subsidiaries.
1993 Accofluor's production department moves to No. 5, Bøgeskovvej.
1992 Merger between AI Plast and Accofluor Establishment of P.J. Holding A/S.
1990 Administration and production facilities move from Tikøb to Kvistgård.
1989 Removal of AI Plast to No. 5 Bøgeskovvej in Kvistgård.
1988  Acquicition of AI Plast ApS.
1987 Expansion at No. 2 Egeskovvej with another production hall.
1983 Establishment of production line at No. 3, Egeskovvej no. 3.
  Accofluor A/S is established at No. 3 Egeskovvej.
1980 Establishment of production line at No. 2, Egeskovvej.
1976 Production and administration move to No. 450, Hornbækvej in Tikøb.
1969  Foundation of Accoat A/S at Stengården in Tikøb by Mr Preben Jørgensen.

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